Rogaria 2 – Purity

Event Date:

23 mei 2024

Event Time:

5:00 pm

Event Location:

De Pannenhoeve

They screamed unto the starlit camp of our Kraal. They tore through throats and hearts like rabid animals. But some of us were spared. They are The Pure. The Qalib Aswad. They are our shield against Black Hearts. They saved us. And together, we will save Rogaria.

The Caravanserai we tracked near Djibali´s Circle has been summoned to The Host. We travel west, spurred forward by our Harvester and spurring forward these People to their Test of Purity.

Soon, The Host will grow.

OG Information:

  • Ensure to mark in the notes your dietary preferences and/or allergies.
  • Note that the inside sleeping spots are very limited, be sure to provide an ingame tent to sleep in. If this is an issue for you, reach out to us asap on, but feel free to register.
  • Should you wish to make use of a payment plan for your registration, reach out to us before the end of January 2024 on .
  • Should you wish to make use of a sponsorship ticket, reach out to us before the end of January 2024 on . For every 2 sponsor-tickets sold we can provide one sponsored spot.

Event Timelines


As of Thursday 23rd of May 2024, 5pm

Game Start

Friday 24th of May 2024, 9pm

Game End

Sunday 26th of May 2024, 1pm

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

Event FAQs

Refund & Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your registration 3 months before the start of the event, you are entitled to a full refund.

We will ask someone on the waiting list to fill your spot, who is then able to pay and enter the event.

If you cancel later than that, your fee will not be refunded under any condition.

We will open your spot to someone on the waiting list. They will be able to experience the event in a 'pay what you can' option.

You are free to 'sell' your spot to someone else though, feel free to contact us in that case.

Registration Types

Tier 1 – 28/12/2023 – 31/01/2024

Player: € 185 – 70 spots (if possible, shared with “Player-Sponsor”-spots)

Player-Sponsor: € 235 – 70 spots (if possible, shared with “Player”-spots)

RPC: € 100 - 35 spots (if possible, shared with "RPC-Sponsor”-spots)

RPC-Sponsor: € 150 - 35 spots (if possible, shared with "RPC”-spots)

Crew: € 25

Tier 2 – 01/02/2024 – 29/02/2024

Player: € 210 - # spots to be decided

Player-Sponsor: € 235

RPC: € 110

RPC-Sponsor: € 150

Crew: € 25

Tier 3 – 01/04/2024 – 30/04/2024

Player: € 235

RPC: € 120

Crew: € 25

Total Seats: 341 (249 Left:)

By: Oneiros

  • De Pannenhoeve
  • Groenestraat 76
  • Leisele
  • 8691
  • Belgium

Event Schedule Details

  • 23 mei 2024 5:00 pm   -   26 mei 2024 1:00 pm
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