What is LARP?

A  Live Action Role Playing Game, abbreviated to LARP or LRP (from Live Role Playing) is a form of role-playing game where participants physically portray their characters (as opposed to the more well-known tabletop role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire the Masquerade). The participants or players (often a few tens to hundreds) invent a “character” within the given game world, and pursue goals within a fictional setting or scenario, physically represented by props. Participants react to events as their character would, with almost all actions being improvised.

Location and game world

Depending on the game world, our events are organized in castles, stately mansions, or in forests or fields. We usually spend the night on location, but one-day events are also possible. Our game worlds can contain different genres such as fantasy (just think of Lord of the Rings, or Game of Thrones), steampunk (Jules Verne, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,..) or science fiction. 

Goal of the game

The game control (the “Crew”) has made up a story with mysteries and intrigue. However, players do not have a predetermined role and must improvise within the rules of the game. Because players are largely in control of what they want to achieve during a weekend and how they want to do it, it can happen that the story gets lost during an event, or even has to be rewritten due to events that the game management did not foresee. The intention is not to “win” the game, but to tell beautiful stories within the game world together.

A LARP game can be the continuation of a previous event. Then the story is also a logical continuation of the previous one, combined with the events that took place then. 


Players wear a costume that matches their character and the game world. Many LARP groups describe what a certain type of character's clothing looks like. Players can make their own clothes, or buy them from stores that specialize in stage and/or LARP costumes.

Extras often receive the necessary costumes and weapons from the organization, but this will not be the case for all LARP groups. Usually the crew is quite grateful if extras bring their own costumes.


We do LARPing for ourselves, to improvise heroic, dramatic or exciting scenes together with other participants. So there are no spectators.

Action and combat

As the A in LARP stands for action, action is often part of the game. Many LARPs (but certainly not all!) involve combat. Props made of fiberglass and foam rubber are used for this. These are available in many specialized stores. Be sure to take a look at the “weapon regulations” which can be found under the XXX tab. We fight with the necessary respect for each other, so it is not the intention that there will be any injuries.

I want to participate!

We are happy to welcome you! Take a look at the events under our range (suitable for your age), and if you have any questions, we or the project managers of the event in question can certainly help you!